Us, from Progetto Postura,

We take care of all the people who wants to improve their own posture, to increase their performance and get a better health. We take care of our patients from the postural evaluation to the production of customized orthotics until the follow up in order to offer our patients a complete treatment.
Our patients are normal people, kids, athletes and workers.
To all of them we dedicate our commitment and out experience.
Their witness are the biggest thanks we could receive.

What they say about us

I entrust the well-being of myself and my staff to the Progetto Postura team to protect our work in the kitchen and in the dining room. We are very satisfied with the results, and the effectiveness of their cutting-edge tools
Paolo Passano
AgriChef La Bilaia
When I dance, I put a lot of effort on my body and feet, and thanks to Progetto Postura and their orthotics I am able to push harder and recover my ideal posture.
Carlotta Ninfo
Bgirl break dance
I've chosen Progetto Postura because it allows me to evaluate my posture thanks to Cryovizion which confirm their treatments with their orthotics. Thanks to them I have increased my athletic performances and reduced pain from overload given by soccer shoes and the synthetic field.
Andrea Disderi
At Progetto Postura I can monitor my posture thanks to the Cryovizion scan and evaluate the progress of my workouts. With their insoles I can improve muscle tension and have better stability.
Andrea Norbiato
Thanks to Progetto Postura's orthotics I have clearly decreased my neck pain due to my work, and thanks to Cryovizion I have seen the changes in my posture over the months.
Paolo Firpo


With Progetto Postura I was able to increase my performance biking and running thanks to the insoles made with the 3D scanner. Now I have less pain and muscle recovery is faster.
Tommaso Rossi

Our centers


Progetto Postura Srls

Studio Progetto Postura 
is a studio of professional podiatrists who guarantee a unique and high quality podiatry assistance.

  • Seat of postural assessments with the Posture Project protocol
  • Home of “show room” for professional clients in the healthcare area
  • Training Center with Postura Academy Project

Laboratory Progetto Postura

  • Own production of custom-made orthotic insoles