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Progetto Postura

Progetto Postura was born with the aim of improving the well-being of patients by offering a unique and innovative evaluation service.
Our method boasts cutting-edge treatments that adapt to different lifestyles and is suitable for all age groups: children of development age, students, workers, athletes, and families.

Our method Progetto Postura


1. Postural Evaluation

Our system helps customers to understand postural problems and the treatments needed.


2. Foot Scan taken

A 3D high-tech scanner offers an accurate and precise foot scan of the customer.


3. Orthotic Production

Creation and production of unique and customized orthotic products with 5-year warranties.

4. Follow up & Feedback

Follow up and visual feedback of the custom’s postural change during the treatment.

Our products


It guarantees a clear and objective scan to ensure positive results of the treatment and to educate the patient about his\hers own postural well-being. In fact, it offers objective data before and after the use of insoles ensuring a better understanding of postural treatment by the client and collaborators.

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Cryoscan 3D

It allows accurate footprint of our patients, both adults and children.
It also allows the patient to observe the scanning process thanks to the high resolution images and better understand the problem.

Dynamic insoles for daily situation

We create dynamic and customized insoles for the specific need of every customer in order to improve body’s movements. Our insoles are flexible and resistant and can be inserted in any type of shoe and for any kind of situation like sport, work or everyday life.

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We offer tailor-made products to help our patients improve posture"


Added value for our patients:

We, at Progetto Postura, care about your well-being.
This is why we make sure that the orthotic treatments serve to improve your posture.

1. Comfort

The reduced size of the Cryos dynamic insole is a guarantee in the postural treatment, interchangeable in any type of shoe.

2. Results

The Cryos dynamic insoles can be comfortably used every day and for every occasion, guaranteeing even faster results.

3. Trust

Thanks to innovative technologies and direct dialogue, a trustworthy relationship is established with your reference professional.

Our clients


Progetto Postura Srls

Studio Progetto Postura 
is a studio of professional podiatrists who guarantee a unique and high quality podiatry assistance.

  • Seat of postural assessments with the Posture Project protocol
  • Home of “show room” for professional clients in the healthcare area
  • Training Center with Postura Academy Project

Laboratory Progetto Postura

  • Own production of custom-made orthotic insoles