Corporate Welfare

Protection of the worker as a corporate asset

Progetto Postura

Progetto Postura offers a unique and innovative service to companies for the protection of the safety and well-being of their collaborators. After many years of treatments and statistics performed on working patients, we ascertained that many of the postural alterations were caused by a muscle overload generated by poorly managed working postures, by the use of inappropiate antifouling footwear for the task or type of foot.

Our personalised solutions for companies

Workstation analysis

We offer an assessment of the individual workstations at the company. We analyze the posture associated with the different tasks, identify the functional alterations caused by the workstation and propose postural suggestions in this regard.


Best shoes safety

We take care of evaluating employees through a podiatry and postural analysis in order to identify the most suitable safety footwear model for the individual worker. We also offer personalized information on the type of foot orthosis most suitable for each employee.

Screening Progetto Postura

Thanks to our advanced technology, we take care of preparing an assessment of the worker to highlight the postural condition and indicate the type of personalized postural treatment.


Nutritional service

A service born from the need to increase the postural well-being of the worker thanks to food education. The service includes an assessment of the physical condition of the employees followed by an annual nutritional proposal supported by the company canteen service, planning the menus according to the different needs and seasonality.


Outpatient agreement

We offer solutions for companies in collaboration with experts in Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Movement Sciences and Nutritionists to integrate patient care in the postural work environment.

“The goal is to operate in advance on the well-being and safety of the employees co-working with the company.”


Added value for companies:

1. Reduction of company waste

The previous postural analysis allows to know in advance the necessary resources to invest, thus limiting company waste and reducing extra costs.

2. Reduction of absenteeism for visits

The evaluation and the previous treatment allow a reduction of postural injuries and relative days of absence for mutual or outpatient visits.

3. Increase in productivity and performance

A good psychophysical condition of the worker guarantees an increase in work performance and productivity within the company.

Added value for employees:

1. Postural well-being

The postural analysis and evaluation of each individual worker allow to identify and solve postural problems in advance.

2. Correct postures

The analysis of the safety shoes and the technical advice for the best footwear to use are needed to protect the worker.

3. Reduction of accidents

The previous postural analysis and personalized advice for any treatments guarantee a reduction in injuries.

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Studio Progetto Postura 
is a studio of professional podiatrists who guarantee a unique and high quality podiatry assistance.

  • Seat of postural assessments with the Posture Project protocol
  • Home of “show room” for professional clients in the healthcare area
  • Training Center with Postura Academy Project

Laboratory Progetto Postura

  • Own production of custom-made orthotic insoles